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[A Photographer’s Notes] Updated Take on an Old Style of Photography

Jason Halayko



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Learning to Use the Camera


I won’t give you a detailed shot for shot rundown of what we did (for that please see the video here), but I will go through my personal impressions of shooting with this camera for the first time. 


First off, this type of look down shooting was a first for me, but I did find it quite interesting. With this camera you need to fully rely on the LCD to be bright, crisp, and easy to viewーeven in bright daylightーto be able to see and properly compose your images. And I am happy to say the LCD screen was great for this. 


Even at the brighter moments of the day I had zero issues with the visibility of the screen. Furthermore, my style of shooting often has me lying on the ground to get the lowest angle possible, but with this fold out screen I just needed to squat down and place the camera on the ground to get these kinds of angels. Much quicker and cleaner for sure! I really think every camera should have a fold out LCD screen. 


During our shooting I was taking a mix of portrait and action shots, like I always like to do. For the relatively slower paced portrait shooting there were no issues with this camera at all. The auto focus was spot on and I was able to get many images I liked. And if I wanted to compose the image vertically, I just shut the LCD screen, turned the camera, and brought it up to my eye-line to shoot. Quick and easy. 

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Currently residing in Tokyo, I have lived in Japan for a total of over 15 years. For this time I have become deeply involved in a wide variety of action sports such as FMX, BMX street and flatland, snowboarding, breakdancing, etc. Through these photographic endeavours I have been able to work with many local and international organizations including Red Bull, G-Shock, Nikon, Sony, Reebok and others. I look forward to spreading the beauty of action sports through out Japan and the world though my photographs.