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[A Photographer’s Notes] Updated Take on an Old Style of Photography

Jason Halayko



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Adjustments for Action Shots 


It was I was shooting the action that I noticed a very slight lag from when I would push the shutter button to when the image was actually captured. Maybe this is just a difference between the timing of my usual camera and the 907X 50C, but it did take me a few tries to get the timing down. 


With freestyle football, the peak of the action is such a quick moment that this timing can be quite difficult, even in the best of situations. Fortunately, after a few test shots we got the timing down, and really had no major issues for the rest of the shoot. 


One other aspect of using this camera I really liked was how the auto focus worked. Normally to focus an image I would be looking through a viewfinder, set the focus point, and half press the shutter to focus where I want. 


Since the 907X 50C has no viewfinder, all the focusing has to be done on the LCD screen, which is actually super easy! Just touch the screen where you want to focusーand it focuses. Want to focus for a portrait? Just poke your subject in the eye on the LCD and there you go, done. 

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Currently residing in Tokyo, I have lived in Japan for a total of over 15 years. For this time I have become deeply involved in a wide variety of action sports such as FMX, BMX street and flatland, snowboarding, breakdancing, etc. Through these photographic endeavours I have been able to work with many local and international organizations including Red Bull, G-Shock, Nikon, Sony, Reebok and others. I look forward to spreading the beauty of action sports through out Japan and the world though my photographs.