Naoki Hyakuta Writes: To All Who Label Me a Discrimination Raconteur

  In early June, author Naoki Hyakuta, 61, was scheduled to speak at Hitotsubashi University during the two-day “Kodaira Festival.” University officials, however, cancelled his lecture, citing the lobby of some students and other lecturers who, they said, considered Hyakuta’s remarks had been “discriminatory toward certain ethnic groups.”   Mr. Hyakuta addresses the students who […]

North Korean Abductions: Otto Warmbier is This Generation’s Megumi Yokota

  The recent news of Otto Warmbier’s death has shocked the United States and the rest of the world—except for Japan. Sadly, Japan has long understood, from firsthand experience, the brutality of North Korea.   Forty years ago, North Korean agents, under the direct leadership of then-Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il, fanned out across the Sea […]