We are Megumi Yokota’s father and mother, Shigeru and Sakie. Thank you for everything you do to support us. We and the other family members of the abductees are getting older, and our bodies are growing weak. It is becoming difficult for us to stand on the front lines of the rescue efforts. We cannot make as many public appeals as we once could. But we will go on using every means available to us to appeal for the rescue of the abductees.
We put down in writing here our thoughts and feelings for our daughter. We will fight until the end, believing that every abductee will come home again. We beg of you: join us in the fight.

【めぐみへの手紙】あなたを思い天国に召されたお父さん 決意を引き継ぎ全身全霊を注ぎます


【めぐみへの手紙】お母さんは84歳になりました 残された時間、本当にわずか