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‘The Week’ Podcast #18: Kishida Shuffles Ministers, China Rages Missiles, Remembering Issey Miyake

What’s the debate in Japan, and what’s trending? The Week is a podcast that sets out to help you stay informed on news, culture, music and more.



You are the reason JAPAN Forward launched The Week - a podcast for busy people who want to keep abreast of Japan’s culture, politics, business, economy and research worlds, and sports, too. Hosted by Arielle Busetto.

In our eighteenth episode, we spotlight Prime Minister Kishida’s reshuffle of the Cabinet and learn who’s who as he brings new blood into the 19-minister cohort. 

We also delve into the consequences of China’s missile tantrums over the past week, and what implications they have for peace and security in East Asia. 

Further forward, we look at some of the most fascinating aspects of the late Issey Miyake’s life, delving into what inspired the world-renowned designer who spread happiness with his clothes.  Find the related articles list below.

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Author: Arielle Busetto