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Top 25 JAPAN Forward Reader’s Favorites of 2020: 15 – 11



~JAPAN Forward reached new milestones in monthly and daily readership in 2020. We invite you to find what attracted readers to our most popular articles of the year, including favorites 15-11, below~


Thanks to you, our valued readers, JAPAN Forward reached new milestones in monthly and daily readership in 2020.


Millions of readers around the world followed our top news coverage; got their sports and entertainment updates from us; made culture and lifestyle discoveries alongside our writers; and gained insights into scientific advances, political, security, economic, and historical issues, courtesy of our contributing analysts.


Many of you tuned-in to our podcast, watched The King’s Singers “Finding Harmony” concert online, were entertained with our Rakugo coverage on YouTube. Even more kept up to date through our four weekly newsletters.


From heartfelt stories of the coronavirus fighting Amabie, to the sports coverages that kept us entertained, discoveries about our universe and of course, cultural pieces that kept our wanderlust on high, our 2020 JAPAN Forward Top 25 highlights the stories that best gave readers a unique understanding of the Real Issues, Real Voices, and the Real Japan in 2020.


This article highlights the third set of five of the most popular articles of 2020, numbers 15 to 11. We invite you to take a look and find what attracted your fellow readers to each one.



15 BMX Flatland Session in Komazawa Olympic Park

by Jason Halayko


After a few tries, Tsutomu had decided on the trick he wanted me to photograph. At the same time, I had noticed the sun was coming through the trees, so I wanted to use that in whatever image I ended up with.


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14 Stay Home Asagohan’: Morning Meals Get Creative with Manami Sasaki

by Yukari Tanaka


Japanese designer and conceptual artist Manami Sasaki has found a creative way to cope with the stay-home era. She has replaced a long commute to work by upgrading her asagohan (breakfast).


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13 Japan’s 2020 Cherry Blossom Season About to Start

by JAPAN Forward


In 2020, other early bird cities include Fukuoka on March 23, Tokyo and Nagoya, and even Kagoshima on March 26; Hiroshima on March 27; Osaka and Kyoto on March 28 for the first blooms.


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12 Pokémon Local Acts: Collaboration to Showcase Japanese Cities’ Charms Can Go Global, Says Literary Scholar Robert Campbell

by JAPAN Forward


Robert Campbell, who has for years been showcasing Japanese literature overseas, visited Tottori Prefecture, exploring the aims and effectiveness of the intriguing new strategy.


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11 Wizards Coach Scott Brooks: Rui Hachimura ‘Had a Great Year’ as a Rookie

by Ed Odeven


In a rebuilding season, Washington (24-40) is focused on laying its foundation for the future, with Hachimura a big part of those plans.


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