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VIDEO: The Many Ways To Enjoy Fuji Rock Festival (Apart from the Music)

Fuji Rock Festival features a variety of booths and attractions in addition to music shows and food. Here are a few fun things you can do.



During the Fuji Rock Music Festival, the JAPAN Forward team onsite at the Naeba Ski Resort interviewed festivalgoers to discover how they enjoyed the event apart from watching the bands.

From yoga, to coffee, to children’s play areas, Fuji Rock offers so much more than just music. 

As you walk around between the stages you might unexpectedly encounter other artists performing offstage, enjoy a variety of food and drinks, take a dip in the river, or take the gondola to the top of the slope for a stunning view.

Red Marquee, Green Stage, White Stage, and Field of Heaven are the four main performance areas at Fuji Rock. But there are tons of ways to enjoy other artists at the smaller stages and off-stage areas as well.

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Author: JAPAN Forward