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2019 in JAPAN Forward Stories: Typhoons and Climate Change





As 2019 comes to a close, we at JAPAN Forward are reflecting on the stories that moved Japan this year, and the stories our readers liked best.


For five days starting December 25, we will be sharing a few of the stories in the categories that dominated our coverage of the news in 2019, through the eyes of our editors. Please join us in reflecting on the year that was. 



Typhoon Hagibis, one of several devastating weather events of the past year, was the worst typhoon to hit Japan in five decades. Together with other severe weather events of the year, Hagibis caused us to wonder what steps should be taken to protect people and property in the future from the widespread devastation that such storms could cause across a wide swath of Japan. Read our stories here:



The lessons of Hagibis were punctuated by the Nobel Prize awarded to Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino, who expressed hope that his work on lithium-ion batteries would help solve global energy issues and help the environment. Read our stories here:



The heavy rains, flooding, and landslides that devastated many regions of Japan brought home the urgency of preparing Japan for climate change — now. Read our stories here:



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