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2019 in JAPAN Forward Stories: Economy and Technology





As 2019 comes to a close, we at JAPAN Forward are reflecting on the stories that moved Japan this year, and the stories our readers liked best.


For five days starting December 25, we will be sharing a few of the stories in the categories that dominated our coverage of the news in 2019, through the eyes of our editors. Please join us in reflecting on the year that was. 




The World Around Us


Typhoons and Climate Change

Rugby World Cup and Other‘Firsts’ in Japanese Sports

Welcome to the Era of Reiwa


Japan achieved several notable accomplishments in the field of technology, including opening the infinite possibilities of the 21st century applications of the lithium-ion battery and the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Akira Yoshino. Get to know the Nobel Laureate here:




We closely followed the space wonders of the Hayabusa project and celebrated the achievements of the JAXA team, here:



We wondered at the prospects for ever-faster planes and trains shortening the distances we travel, here:



And we cheered at the corneal transplant advances set to change the world through improved vision, here: 



We also followed trends that concern Japan, including Japan’s return to whaling, the saga of Carlos Ghosn and Nissan Motors, and the risks to the region and the world posed by China’s voracious technological expansionism, Huawei, and belt-and-road economic strategy. Find some of our stories here:




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