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Stories of 2022: Russia's War on Ukraine 

Relive the stories of 2022 that our readers were most interested in. Number 4 is: Ukraine, and all that has to do with Russia's war. 



What were the stories of 2022 that many of you were following most closely on JAPAN Forward during the year? 

The results show some of the strengths of JAPAN Forward

As a tribute to our readers and supporters, we are bringing back your choices in five installments. Yesterday, we looked at kimono, and all that was entertainment and culture through the year. 

Today we present the 4th group of stories many of you wanted to read: Ukraine. 

4. Ukraine: The Year of the War by Russia

The war ordered by Russia's Vladimir Putin has directly affected many countries in Europe. But it has also impacted countries in Asia, including Japan, and in other regions of the world such as Africa. 


The wider repercussions on the world order and the global economy will be felt for years to come. 

Look back with us at the top articles you read this year on Ukraine, and especially how this war has changed relations in the wider Indo-Pacific region. 

  1. TRANSCRIPT | Get Russia Out of Ukraine or Risk Return to 'Age of Wars' (April 18, 2022) 

In our podcast, Andrii Gurenko, Ukrainian international relations expert, says the behavior of democratic countries towards Russia will be crucial.

  1. Ukraine Invasion: People of Russia, Do Not be Bystanders (February 25, 2022) 

Putin has the audacity to claim that the purpose of his invasion is to "demilitarize" Ukraine, but it threatens Ukrainian civilians who love borscht, just like Russian people.

  1. INTERVIEW | Spokesman Oleg Nikolenko on Northern Territories: Ukraine, Japan Can Work vs Shared Russian Invasion Problem (November 17, 2022) 

Like what it is doing to Ukraine, Russia's occupation of Japan's Northern Territories is a "violation of international law and needs to be resolved," says Ukrainian spokesman.

  1. Lessons from the War in Ukraine Applied to Taiwan (September 21, 2022) 

Cybersecurity has become a key component of national security, and the government has a critical role to play to protect citizens and private property.

  1. The Ukraine-Russia Imbroglio: What Can India Do? (October 22, 2022) 

Growing ties with Japan and the West, along with championing itself as a global leader, are pressing India to reconsider its relationship with Russia.

What will be next among the stories of 2022 that readers most wanted to read on our website? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


Author: JAPAN Forward

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