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Stories of 2022: Xi Jinping and China's Growing Influence

Relive the stories of 2022 that our readers were most interested in.  Number 3 is about  Xi Jinping, reflecting the growing China threat in Asia. 



General Secretary Xi Jinping is shown on a screen inside the media center for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on October 15 in Beijing (Kyodo).

What were the stories of 2022 that many of you were following most closely on JAPAN Forward during the year? 

The results show some of the strengths of JAPAN Forward

As a tribute to our readers and supporters, we are bringing back your choices in five installments. Over the past two days, we have taken a fresh look at our stories about kimono and the war in Ukraine. 

Today we present the 3rd group of stories many of you wanted to read: on Xi Jinping.

3. Xi Jinping: China's Growing Influence

  1. The Great Downfall of China's Belt and Road Initiative (November 23, 2022) 

The Belt and Road Initiative had been the centerpiece of Xi Jinping's reign. But China's vision for expansion, especially in Africa, seems to be falling apart.

  1. China's 'White Paper Revolution' Protests: What You Should Know (December 1, 2022)

At least ten cities in China — including Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, and Chengdu — were shaken by protests last weekend. What are they demanding?

  1. EDITORIAL | Xi’s Clear Message at the Japan-China Summit: China is Above Other Countries’ Interests (November 21, 2022) 

At the Japan-China Summit, Xi Jinping refused to rule out using military force against Taiwan, and showed he still had ambitions for the Senkakus.

  1. [Bookmark] Death, Rape, Torture of the Uyghurs: The Daily Reality of Abuse in China (October 1, 2022)

As victims of Beijing’s ethnic cleansing shared their experiences at a New York conference, it became impossible to see the Uyghur genocide as a distant crisis.

  1. China's Protests: Xi Jinping in a Tight Spot (December 1, 2022) 

Despite appearances at the World Cup, China's protests continue as COVID cases surge. What will Xi Jinping do when he's driven to a corner?

What will be next among the stories of 2022 that readers most wanted to read on our website? Tune in tomorrow to find out!



Author: JAPAN Forward

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