Okimoto: Passing On the Issei Legacy and the Future of Japan-US Relations 

  Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University, recently sat down with JAPAN Forward to talk, among other things, how the campaign of the Silicon Valley Japan Platform or SVJP, a non-profit organization designed to build bridges of collaboration between Silicon Valley and Japan, has been going.        The SVJP has developed rapidly since its […]

Meet Okimoto’s Partner—in Life and at Silicon Valley Japan Platform

  JAPAN Forward recently had a one-on-one interview with Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University. A second-generation Japanese American, Okimoto is pushing for Japan to make its mark in technological innovations in Silicon Valley.    We serialize his interview in five parts. He and his wife Michiko—they married at an old age—tell editor in […]

Okimoto on Life in America: Realizing Dreams That Eluded Our Issei Parents

Daniel Okimoto as an infant wrapped in the American flag in his mothers’ hand at Santa Anita Racetrack. The picture was painted by Okimotos’ sister, Ruth Yoshiko.   JAPAN Forward recently had a one-on-one interview with Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University. A second-generation Japanese American, Okimoto is pushing for Japan to make its mark in […]

Learning From the Curiosity and Passion of Yoshiharu Habu – Winner of 7 Shogi Titles

  In December, the venerable shogi champion, Yoshiharu Habu, became the first person ever in the 400-year history of shogi to become the holder of all seven crown titles.   In this year’s Ryuo-championship, he was able to finally claim the only lifetime title not yet won, the “Lifetime Ryuo.” This occurred in the world of […]

Foreign Ministry Didn’t Know: Chinese Hand Seen in Comfort Women Statue in Manila

  The approximately three-kilometer Roxas Boulevard promenade along Manila Bay in the Philippines is well-known to residents of Manila for the bronze statues of popular actresses and former presidents lining it.   To this row of statues has now been added one person with no discernible identity. She is supposed to represent a comfort woman […]

40 Trumpeters at Port of Kobe

Reflecting with the Refugees: Port of Kobe Christmas Performance with 40 Trumpet Ensemble

  2017 commemorates 150 years of history since the Port of Kobe opened, which also marked the arrival of many refugees in Japan. On December 16th, a charity concert was held at Kobe Harborland (Chuo Ward, Kobe City) to support and reflect upon the status of refugees still being forced to leave their countries of origin. Beautiful songs, […]

Steve Bannon: North Korea is ‘China’s Responsibility’

Former White House Chief Strategist and current Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, spoke with members of the press—including staff writers of Sankei Shimbun—during the  Japanese Conservative Political Action Conference (JCPAC) held December 16-17 in Tokyo, Japan. Bannon contends the so-called “pivot towards Asia,” begun during the Obama administration, is now becoming a reality […]

Japan Needs Constitution Change to Have Capabilities to Strike Enemy Bases

Japan’s post-war Constitution   North Korea is acting as if to wake a long-time sleeping lion in Asia—that is, Japan. Pyongyang has rapidly been magnifying its missile and nuclear threat, firing 20 ballistic missiles and conducting one nuclear test this year alone.   Right-wing politicians in Tokyo are claiming Pyongyang is virtually declaring war against […]

Tastes of Mt. Fuji

Tokyo is often considered a foodie’s paradise, with Japan’s capital having more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. From the chaos of Tsukiji Market—where sushi of all types entice both locals and foreigners alike—to cozy izakaya serving yakitori, ramen shops, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, there seems to be something for everybody. However, if […]

Nuclear Arsenal for Deterrence: JCPAC Highlights Japan’s Growing Security Challenges

Many expected North Korea to conduct yet another missile test last December 17, the sixth anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death. Such tests have, rather worryingly, become something of a regular occurrence for Japan, with a North Korean intermediate-range missile passing over Hokkaido in August and September.   Although no such test happened, the United […]