Osaka Authorities Investigate Smuggling of Gold Bullion Via Vanilla Air Flight From Taipei

    Several kilograms of gold bullion were found in two toilets on a Vanilla Air low-cost carrier flight from Taipei bound for Kansai International Airport on Sunday, July 9th, Sankei Shimbun Newspaper learned.   Authorities, including Osaka Customs, are investigating the possibility that a smuggling ring may have been behind the attempt to smuggle […]

Deadly Flooding Delays Announcement of Royal Engagement

  As record rains in northern Kyushu lead to widespread damage, the Imperial Household Ministry has decided to postpone the wedding announcement of Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Prince Fumihito (Akishinonomiya), to her college classmate at International Christian University (ICU), Kei Komuro. An official announcement will be forthcoming.     According to sources close […]

‘Oppression of Speech’: Author Naoki Hyakuta’s University Lecture Cancelled Amid Pressure

A lecture by author Naoki Hyakuta, scheduled for June 10 at the Hitotsubashi University, has been cancelled due to pressure from various groups opposed to his political views.   Some experts criticized the move, saying “freedom of speech and university autonomy has been lost.” The lecture was part of the two-day “Kodaira Festival” organized by […]

China’s ‘New Human Rights Violations’ Condemned by Baluchistan Leaders at Tokyo Symposium

  Rights advocates roundly condemned in a recent symposium the violations being committed by China in Baluchistan, the biggest of the four provinces of Pakistan.   Speakers revealed the forced evictions, arson, and other forms of oppression that the Pakistani government allegedly allows Chinese investors to commit.   “China’s influence is expanding, as are the […]

Credible Threat: Expert Warns North Korea has 100 Nuclear Sites, Chemical and Biological Weapons

    “There’s a tendency to underestimate North Korea’s capabilities for political reasons,” Jenny Town, a leading researcher from John Hopkins University in Washington DC, said in a recent interview with Sankei Shimbun in Tokyo.   “However,” she added, “accurate information is required in order to establish how best to respond.”   One discovery her […]

‘Factual Errors’ Remain in UN Freedom of Expression Report; Japanese Gov’t Protests

United Nations Office at Geneva    David Kaye   In April of 2016, United Nations Special Rapporteur David Kaye visited Japan to study the state of freedom of expression in the country. He was here for 8 days from April 12, and met with government officials, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and “anonymous” members of the media. […]

China Cites Ambiguous National Security Law to Detain 11 Japanese

Chinese authorities have detained 6 Japanese nationals for alleged espionage, bringing to 11 the number of Japanese nationals detained on charges of “Endangering National Security.” Detained this time were employees of a Japanese company involved in hot spring development, whose actions bear no connection to espionage.   It appears as though they have become unwitting […]