Haiying Yang is a cultural anthropologist and professor at Shizuoka University, Japan. He was born and raised in Southern Mongolia(Inner Mongolia). His main research area is Mongolian history. He is the author of Genocide on the Mongolian Steppe: First-Hand Accounts of Genocide in Southern Mongolia during the Chinese Cultural Revolution(in Japanese Bohyo naki Sougen); the Truth about the Mongolian Genocide during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.


コロナウイルスと黄禍論   19世紀末の日清戦争後に、ドイツ皇帝ウィルヘルム2世(1859~1941年)が黄禍論を語って、ヨーロッパに警鐘を鳴らした。曰(いわ)く、黄色人種の力が白人を凌駕(りょうが)すると、世界に災いをもたらす脅威は増大す