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‘The Week’ Podcast #16: Yuzuru Hanyu, Geothermal Energy, COVID Strikes Again

What’s the debate in Japan, and what’s trending? The Week is a podcast that sets out to help you stay informed on news, culture, music and more.



You are the reason JAPAN Forward launched The Week - a podcast for busy people who want to keep abreast of Japan’s culture, politics, business, economy and research worlds, and sports, too. Hosted by Arielle Busetto.

In our sixteenth episode, we spotlight the famed skater Yuzuru Hanyu and his recent retirement from competition. 

We also showcase a six-part series on Justice Radhabinod Pal, a particularly renowned jurist in the Tokyo Trials who looked at Asia’s experience in the Second World War from a different perspective. 

Further forward, we look into the lavender fields of Hokkaido, which just reached their peak season. Find the related articles list below.

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Author: Arielle Busetto


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