Frank Witkam is an associate fellow in the department of curatorial planning at the Tokyo National Museum, and part-time lecturer of Japanese art history at Rikkyo University. He received his BA and M.A from Leiden University, and studied Japanese art history at Kyoto University and Keio University with scholarships issued by the Japanese government. He mainly publishes about Japanese woodblock prints, and has translated and edited various publications on Japanese art.


ドミニク ソーツによるロンドンの大浪壁画   北斎の芸術が私たちに今もなお共鳴している理由の一つは、北斎の見事な「デザイン感覚」ではないかと考えられる。ファッションから、花瓶やロンドンの建物の壁まで、北斎の魅惑的な図案は、基本的に何でも飾る